DUKE 200 BS4 

The Bajaj pulsar rs 200 is again a compare bike of 200 dukes the rs 200 is also a most styles bike of the bajaj series. the displacement power of the bike is the same as the KTM Duke 200 and the max power of the RS 200 is 24.5 bhp at 9,750 rpm with a maximum torque of 18.6 Nm at 8000, mandated the RS 200 gives mileage of 35 kmpl. talking about the braking system of the bike as a dual disc with ABS.
and Kerbs' weights bike is 165 kg more weight than the KTM duke 200. fuel tank capacity of the motorcycle is 13 liters. and singles-cylinder engine with fuel injection delivery system and which has to get a liquid-cooled cooling system and 6 no. of gears with the manual gearbox and chain drive transmission. the headlights of the bike make the bike more attractive look the RS200 is specially designed as a sports bike and the price of the bike is 1.57 lakh in the ex-showroom in Delhi the taillights of the bike are awesome in a look that makes the bike more attractive in looks.

And another 200 cc bike the Apache RTR 200 is a fully compared bike to KTM Duke 200 the RTR 200 has 7 available colors that are matte Red, matte yellow, White, matte white, matte grey, matte black, and black. more than all competitor bikes like NS 200, KTM Duke 200, and rs 200 the Apache RTR 200 is also the most affordable bike in India the road price of the bike is under 1.30 lakh ABS version.


All these bikes are valued for the money even if you can use them daily for college student gets average mileage some of the small monsters bring it and make them your beasts making history on your compounds also gets your favorite colors also make them your universal 200 cc bike knows for there a mileage all these bikes are trending still 2023 remake able things track are waiting to you. Today 2023 February Duke is king on the track but coming in track to compete for the NS200. The DUKE 200, RS200, and NS200 make them popular because of their style and their actions all are of the Naked element also so many 200cc bikes in the market but these 3 bikes are most popular in every area town or City

Specifications of Yamaha YZF R15 V3

The displacement power of the bike is a 155cc engine
Max power is 18.7 bhp at 10,000 pm &
Maximum torque of 15 Nm at 8,500rpm
The braking system is a dual disc with a dual-channel ABS.
Kerb's weight is 139 kg less than KTM Duke 200
6 number of gear.
The fuel tank capacity of the bike is 11 liters
Fuel injection delivery system.
And manual gearbox.

Rc 390 vs ninja 300

the bike is specially designed as a sports bike and full cover faired bike and more styling and awesome looks the bike gives good engine power the KTM RC gives a displacement of 373.2cc with single cylinder engine and the ninja 300 is given a displacement of 296 cc engine power with 2 cylinder engine and the fuel delivery system are same in this two bike it is a fuel injection delivery system and different from there engine power the KTM produce the max power of 42.5 bhp at 9,000 rpm and ninja 300 produces max power of 39 bhp at 11,000 rpm with the maximum torque of bike 300 ninja gives 27 Nm at 10,000 rpm and KTM give 34 Nm at 7,000 rpm the power of the 2 bikes are given a good performance. And talking about the braking system the bike gets ABS brake. and the curbs weights of the ninja 300 are 172 kg and the KTM RC 390 147 kg that difference in weight is the 390cc gets 147 kg but the 300cc gets 172 kg curbs weight and the price of the KTM is 2,40 lakh and the ninja 300 is 3,30 lakh that the full difference of the price. and the fuel tank capacity of the bike of NINJA 300 is 17 liters and the tank capacity of the KTM RC 390 is only 10 liters less than ninja 300.

Rc 390 and ninja 390 are the most powerful machine in this series and also count as Super motorcycles so much engine power generates good counter-compete for all of their bikes shining colors and attractive looks most than 1 1-decompression now ninja is announced as one of the new 250 ninjas like a Kawasaki ninja ZX10R similar of superbikes ninja Zx10r all I'm competition I'm market under 400cc segment powering competition style, parts, looks colors also all about the digital instrument 

Duke 250 vs Dominar 250 

The two bikes are made of Naked motorcycles which is one is from KTM and another is from bajaj but the two companies have a close connection first we come to design naked parts fully posed impress to all the same personal headlights of both are almost similar 


In drag race Duke 250 vs Dominar 250 

>The Duke 250 will win in Drage race

Who give more mileage Duke 250 or Dominar 250 

> The Dominar 250 give more mileage than Duke 250 

Which is more expensive Duke 250 or Dominar 250

>Duke 250 bs6 is more expensive then Dominar 250 

Rs200 or Duke200 more expensive 

> Duke 200 is more expensive 

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